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Liquid x energy -about us

The year is 2000….ah, 20+ years ago, how the time flies!

20 years ago still seems like 1980, not 2000.
Anyhoo, like all great energy drinks, LiquidX was originally developed in Amsterdam for the rave scene.

Red Bull was fresh out of Thailand and energy drinks were the hot new beverage, dozens of brands launched around then but only the strong, great tasting and truly special survive to this day.

There was a fad around this time that continues today, adding alcohol to energy drinks for the energy boost they give, allowing ravers to party all night. This is a dangerous fad as alchol and caffeine have opposite effects, it’s damaging to your health. Ravers especially fell victim to dehydration and other ill-effects of their party lifestyles.

LiquidX original formulation had zero caffeine and sought to supply partiers with energy through other herbal properties…and succeeded.

Euphoric Energy was born!

Coupled with LX black light responsiveness, we had ourselves a fantastic mixer! GLowing beverages became synonymous with LX and as “The Official Drink of the Night”.

It’s now 2021 and the world has changed. Yesterday’s ravers are today’s gamers…I know it sounds like a stretch but gaming has come a long way and much more of a social event with Twitch and FB Gaming allowing people all over the world to connect and share the experience.

LX Blue-Goo Citrus Gummy has a citrus taste that can be related to the taste of Mountain Dew AMP.

We have added caffeine to the mix this time around…please don’t mix it with alcohol 😉

Caffeine, used appropriately is the only thing provides the catalyst needed to drive synergistic reactions in our little health potion and truley give you the edge needed to win.

Try Liquid X today!

Extreme, euphoric Energy

~King Papa

founder & CEO